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Simple partial seizures have one feature - intact consciousness, in which the epileptic is able to describe his own feelings. Treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy is best started with monotherapy. As an initial dosage of carbamazepine, it is customary to prescribe 10 milligrams per kilogram of the patient's weight per day. Gradually increase this dose to 20 mg. In case of unsatisfactory effectiveness or the complete absence of a result, the 24-hour dosage can be increased to 30 mg. The dosage can be increased only if there are no pronounced side effects. When increasing the dose, it is imperative to monitor the patient's blood levels of the concentration of adalat 30mg. It is possible to stop increasing the daily dose of the drug used when a stable positive effect is achieved or at the first signs of intoxication.

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In case of ineffectiveness of carbamazepine therapy, the appointment of other anticonvulsants such as hydantoins (difenin) or valproates (depakin) is practiced. The latter is usually used in a dosage of not more than 100 mg/kg, while diphenin is in the range of 8-15 mg/kg. Numerous studies have shown that valproate is much more effective than difenin in secondary generalized forms of nifedipine pills. And besides, depakine has less toxicity. In cases where monotherapy is ineffective, or the results are insufficient, a complex of drugs is prescribed, including reserve and basic anticonvulsants. It is considered the most effective combination of the following anticonvulsants: finlepsin and lamictal or finlepsin and depakine.

Surgical intervention should be performed in the presence of the following indications: - localized epileptogenic focus in the brain.

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The preoperative examination includes various types of neuroimaging, such as video-EEG monitoring and electrocorticogram, as well as tests to detect the dominance of the cerebral hemisphere. The task of neurosurgeons is to eliminate the pathogenic focus and prevent movement, and expand the range of epileptic impulses. The surgical intervention itself consists in performing a lobectomy and removal of the mediobasal regions and anterior zones of the temporal region of the brain.

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Surgical intervention is impossible in case of complications of epilepsy with a severe somatic status, which is expressed in mental disorders, intellectual dysfunction and memory impairment. After neurosurgical intervention, in almost 70 cases out of 100, the frequency of epileptic seizures decreases significantly and disappears completely in approximately 30% of cases. In addition, surgical treatment has a positive effect on the intellectual activity of patients and their memory. The state of remission against the background of the use of anticonvulsant drugs is achieved on average in approximately 30% of patients.

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Prevention of the considered form of the disease consists in the timely medical examination of risk groups (children and pregnant women), in the adequate treatment of identified concomitant diseases, vascular pathologies of the brain, and in the prevention of adalat of neuroinfections. If patients do not have epileptic seizures, then they can work in any field, excluding working at height, manipulating fire (due to oxygen deficiency) or working with moving mechanisms, as well as professions associated with night shifts and increased concentration.

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